Happiness Question #9


You may remember that I recently introduced a new blog category called “Dr. Saye’s Top Ten Happiness Questions,” and started with Happiness Question #10.  The questions are based on the work I am doing this quarter with my English 123 (first-year composition) classes at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design).

Well, here’s Happiness Question #9:

Do I realize that I can always choose to think a thought that feels better?

We really can.  IF we make the effort.  For example, we’re sick, really sick.  A better-feeling thought might be: “I’ve been sick before, and my body has gotten well.”  Or, “I’m so thankful for aspirin (or medicine).”  Does this make sense?  Either of those thoughts feels better than, “I am on my death bed.”

When we grasp the truth of Happiness Question #9, we reclaim our power, our authority.

So ask it!  And feel better.


Sunday Morning Quote (10/26/14)

“Believe there is good in the world.”


“Be the good.”

I found (and bought) this little piece of Americana art in Augusta (Georgia) yesterday.  I stumbled upon the Art and Soul Corner Curio, met owner/artist Gina Langston Brewer, discovered a kindred spirit, so of course had to take one of her creations home.  And so much of what Gina does echoes my exploration of joy theme.


What an incredible encouragement for us all!  I have come to believe wholeheartedly that we find that for which we are looking.  So, yes, let’s look for good!




I See TechnoloGEE! I’m an I.T. Me!

Have we gone too far with the all-pervasive convenience (necessity?) of modern technology in all its manifestations?  Cell phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pininterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google Plus+, Flickr, Meetup?, etc., etc., etc.

Here are two short music videos that address the issue, the first funny, the second serious–both on target.  Take a gander and see what you think.



What can we do?  Or should we do anything?  I WANT your reaction/response.  Share!  (Through any technology you choose.)


Five Friday Happy Bringers — 10/24/14

Fabulous Friday.  What a beautiful day of the week.  I hope you’ve had an Incredibly Happy One.  I have.  Here’s are five reasons I’m hooting.

1.  Just sitting around, minding my own business.


2.  Grandtwin Matthew (age two) shaving with Dad Travis.


What a joy to be a fathergrand!

3.  Having feet to walk on.


4.  The last rose before the frost.  It makes me both sad (“Summer’s over!”) and happy (“Man, that’s a determined rose!”).

Today I drove up from Savannah to Augusta.  Near the city’s beautiful Riverwalk sits (preens?) incredibly beautiful St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  Their rose garden is at season’s end.  But still singing, “I’m not finished yet.”  (I’m gonna steal that song.)




5.  My honest-to-goodness belief that We Were Created to Be Joyful.

Sing this weekend!  Sing that you ain’t finished yet.  There’s more–much more–to come.  (That’s the tune I’m humming.)


Hairstylist for the Homeless

Every Human Life Is Worth The Same”


Today I shared the article below in my SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) writing class.  It briefly examines one’s man’s attempt to address the homeless situation.

Take a look and see what you think.  Read the article here:  http://www.dailygood.org/story/851/hairstylist-for-the-homeless-kindness-blog/

Your response/reaction?

Read a related post about a personal experience of mine here:  Touch






It’s FALL-ing Pumpkins and Jack O’s!



They’re simply everywhere I turn these days!

Who let da punkins out?







(Sorry.  I sorta fell backwards in the pic above.)

But, seriously?  Nearly 800 pounds?!  (The pumpkin, not me.)