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I really believe this statement is true.  Yes, I really believe this statement is true.

This blog about joy and happiness is based on the idea that joyful thinking and a determined happy attitude produce a joyful and happy life.

Introducing Mr. Happy

Meet Mr. Happy.

I turned sharply down the aisle and saw him perched, yellow and proud, at the very edge of the eye-level shelf.  With no thought of expense, I immediately decided to purchase him.  (Well maybe he cost only $1.19.  On clearance.)  Exactly what drew this little yellow plastic figure to me so quickly and decisively?  That radiant smile?  His upbeat, encouraging skin tone?  Yes!  Well, kinda.  Okay, not really.  If truth be told, I liked his HUGE head on his virtually nonexistent body.  I myself have a big ole head, I admit it, and it’s always thrilling to see others (even toy others) with bigger heads (relatively speaking) than mine, because for that one sick moment I can forget about my own watermelon.  [Sorry, I’m off the subject here.  And off my therapist’s advice to love and cherish all my amazing body parts.]

I pick up my four-year-old grandson Daniel from his Pre-K class every Monday and Wednesday at noon.  So I decided to share Mr Happy with Daniel, on the stipulation that the little yellow fellow (Mr. Happy, not Daniel) “live” in the cup holder of Daniel’s car seat in my backseat after I drop D off at his home.  Thus began Mr. Happy’s involvement in our lives.






Mr. Happy is always smiling, always joyful.  Daniel and I have so much fun talking about the adventures that Mr. Happy experiences.  We even wrote a little song about him (which I will share soon).  You will be seeing and hearing from Mr. Happy from time to time in this blog.  Sail on!

Wag More, Bark Less

I talk too much.  I mean, really, I do.  Ask my family, or friends, or students.  Weird because I am basically a bit shy, or maybe I just think I am shy.  Sometimes, I will be droning on and on about the incredibly fascinating thought I recently had on the really pretty shade of brown on an old rotting pecan that I saw lying on the ground in downtown Savannah–and the people I am talking to will be visibly bored, so much so that they will begin to pull their hair a little or sometimes beat on their breasts like a character from The Odyssey.  When they fall over as I continue to talk, I usually apologize, but add, with a fake smile, “Sorry, it’s just that I LOVE detail.  Detail makes the world go round!  Don’t you agree?”  Even as they walk away, I’m trying to convince them.

I gotta stop that.  I need to WAG MORE and BARK LESS!

Help! Other Names for Happiness?

I need your help in coming up with some other names for Happiness. Here are some I came up with:










Here’s My Office

I really like my office in the Newton Building on Georgia Southern University’s campus.  Even with the tall, really skinny window.    It actually makes me happy to walk into it.  (The office, not the window.)

Here’s a little look at my office.

Balcony People–Part Two

A little more about the concept of Balcony People which I shared the other day…

I’ve discovered Five Guiding Principles of Balcony People

1.  Balcony People are willing to take risks.  Because when we reach outside of ourselves to help or encourage someone else, we take the chance of being rejected, laughed at, embarrassed, or even thought of as a little weird.  “Old Man Saye, why do you keep telling me my yellow dress is just so very pretty?!  Please back away me!”

2.  BP realize that what you reap, you sow.  Staying in balconies makes you happier and healthier.  Crouching in dank basements is unhealthy.

3.  BP give to give, not to get.  Because giving away good to others is simply the right thing to do.

4.  BP look for the good in others.  They realize the truth of the statement that we usually find what we’re looking for.

5.  BP express encouragement sincerely.  They don’t flatter or lie.  Okay, maybe except when I couldn’t think of anything good to say about one student’s essay, and all I could come up with was, “Cool font.”

Everytime I read or hear Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” I think of the daily, minute-to-minute choice of living life as a Balcony Person or a Basement Person.  But let’s be honest, sometimes it feels pretty darn good to make an “un-balcony” comment or two.  Such as I simply had to say to Lady Gaga at lunch today.  “I know we’re best friends and all, LG, but that meat dress was just dumb looking.  Everybody thought so.”  She hurt my sensitive feelings by responding, “Yea, you think so, huh, NS?  Well, let’s compare our W2 forms for 2011.”   I marched out of Moe’s without saying goodbye or even a cursory glance back.

If it’s been a while, listen to “The Road Not Taken”:


Five Friday Happy Bringers (1/24/12)

Five things that brought me happiness today:

1.  My hash browns at Dunkin Donuts were the perfect temperature.

2.  The Help actresses getting nominated for Academy Awards.

3.  The fun I had writing the following silly email to a class I taught last fall:

Dear Everyday Creative Writing Class from Last Semester, aka FCOAT,

How ARE you guys doing?  I miss you!  And I know that surely you must miss me desperately.  I saw Brione and Joey in the Newton breezeway recently, and they were both crying, wailing actually, in undulating fits of despair.  I asked them what was wrong, and when they saw it was I (me? I always get that pronoun usage confused) who was doing the asking, they cried louder, but managed to somehow say in unison, “You, we miss YOU Captain.  We miss our old class.  Nothing is the same.  NOTHING!  Nothing will ever be the same again!”  I didn’t know what to say, so I just sorta sad-smiled at them, as I unwrapped an early Cadbury Egg and walked to my class.

But hey, I’ve started a blog on happiness and joy.  Check it out:  nsaye.wordpress.com

I hope all is great with you, FCOAT  (Favorite Class Of All Time).

Dr. S.

4.  The really comfortable boots I wore today.

5.  This picture of me kissing a reindeer at Publix:

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