Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

Five things that brought me happiness today:

1.  My hash browns at Dunkin Donuts were the perfect temperature.

2.  The Help actresses getting nominated for Academy Awards.

3.  The fun I had writing the following silly email to a class I taught last fall:

Dear Everyday Creative Writing Class from Last Semester, aka FCOAT,

How ARE you guys doing?  I miss you!  And I know that surely you must miss me desperately.  I saw Brione and Joey in the Newton breezeway recently, and they were both crying, wailing actually, in undulating fits of despair.  I asked them what was wrong, and when they saw it was I (me? I always get that pronoun usage confused) who was doing the asking, they cried louder, but managed to somehow say in unison, “You, we miss YOU Captain.  We miss our old class.  Nothing is the same.  NOTHING!  Nothing will ever be the same again!”  I didn’t know what to say, so I just sorta sad-smiled at them, as I unwrapped an early Cadbury Egg and walked to my class.

But hey, I’ve started a blog on happiness and joy.  Check it out:  nsaye.wordpress.com

I hope all is great with you, FCOAT  (Favorite Class Of All Time).

Dr. S.

4.  The really comfortable boots I wore today.

5.  This picture of me kissing a reindeer at Publix:

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