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Wag More, Bark Less

I talk too much.  I mean, really, I do.  Ask my family, or friends, or students.  Weird because I am basically a bit shy, or maybe I just think I am shy.  Sometimes, I will be droning on and on about the incredibly fascinating thought I recently had on the really pretty shade of brown on an old rotting pecan that I saw lying on the ground in downtown Savannah–and the people I am talking to will be visibly bored, so much so that they will begin to pull their hair a little or sometimes beat on their breasts like a character from The Odyssey.  When they fall over as I continue to talk, I usually apologize, but add, with a fake smile, “Sorry, it’s just that I LOVE detail.  Detail makes the world go round!  Don’t you agree?”  Even as they walk away, I’m trying to convince them.

I gotta stop that.  I need to WAG MORE and BARK LESS!

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