Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

It’s Friday!  And here are Five Things I am happy about:

1.  My GSU colleague, hallmate and soul sister June Joyner winning the Dorothy Golden Teaching Award at today’s Student Success in Writing Conference in Savannah!

2.  Being able to walk on Georgia Southern’s beautiful campus in early February and see this:







3.   Having hot water.

4.  Laughing at the picture below of my buddy Riboclavin taking his temperature.  (Okay his name isn’t really Riboclavin.  I’m just not very good at giving people fake names if they don’t want their real names “published” on my blog because, heaven forbid, the “tens” of people who follow my blog might see their name and … and … idk.)  Anyway fake-named Riboclavin thinks having a high temperature indicates that he’s deathly ill, actually dying IMMEDIATELY.  Of course he didn’t have a temperature (well, he had a normal one but not a high one).  Anyway it’s fun to make fun of this pic, don’t you think?







5.  Attending the Southern Discomfort: Art Inspired by Flannery O’Connor opening reception tonight at 1704 Lincoln Gallery in downtown Savannah.  All of the works on display answered the question, “What do visual artists have to say about the novels and stories of O’Connor?”  As I walked around, looking at the pictures and feeling smart for even being there, I saw that the lady below had a Flannery O’Connor puppet thingy on her arm.  So I thought, “Well that’s a picture.”







Walking a little farther around the crowded room (and looking back about 20 times to see if that puppet was gonna start to talk or put on a little show–I LOVE impromptu puppet shows), I saw the colorful painting below, walked up to it, being careful not to touch it with the three cheese straws I was trying to eat with decorum, and nearly hooted when I saw the name: “Finding Joy.”  So I had to have my picture taken in front of it.













The reception was also a silent auction, where you find what you want to bid on, and write what you’re willing to pay.  Well, as luck would have it, someone had bid $700 on Finding Joy (which really got on my last nerve), so using the Law of Attraction, I wrote $5.00 in really BIG numbers below the $700, thinking that maybe they won’t notice the larger (and pretentious) bid.  I’ll let you know if I am the proud owner.

Comments on: "Five Friday Happy Bringers (2/3/12)" (4)

  1. Leigh Ann Williams said:

    Your comments made me smile! Thanks for starting my day off in such a fun way!

  2. Glad to be of service, Leigh Ann!

  3. Staci Pyle said:

    Riboclavin! I can’t tell you how much I just laughed and smiled when I was reading all of this! 🙂 This blog is such a good idea Mr. Neal. Thanks for letting us all know about it!

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