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From time to time, I will be sharing in the blog some of my students’ work.  Recently I gave my Everyday Creative Writing class at Georgia Southern this assignment:  “What do you want for Valentine’s Day?”  When Olivia read her piece, we all hooted with agreeing laughs and total understanding.


by Olivia Nelson

Every year Christmas seems to come before Thanksgiving.  All of the stores put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is even around the corner and has time to arrive.  In a way this is frustrating and it appears as though Thanksgiving isn’t even given a chance to be recognized.  Nonetheless, while I may get frustrated at this sudden rush of Christmas cheer before I have time to think about fried turkey, I don’t seem to be as disappointed around Valentine’s Day.

This is simply for one reason: Cadbury Mini Eggs.


We all know that Easter follows Valentine’s Day.  Therefore just like the Christmas trees before the turkeys, it is Easter candy before the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate that everyone seems to have.  Personally, I don’t like these big oversized boxes of random and assorted chocolates.  To me, there is nothing better than Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Perhaps it is the fact that I only get to eat these scrumptious treats once a year, or perhaps it is that they are truly delightful in more ways than one. When I see a bag, I can hardly contain myself.  I often find myself wondering if I should buy a dozen of the small bags or maybe just six large bags.  Decisions, decisions.

The petite purple plastic bag that these treats come in is nothing short of touching.  Once that bag is opened and I put a mini egg into my watering mouth, my taste buds are forever thankful.  The quarter size egg has a slight crunch for its outer shell which turns out to be a flawless match for its delicious milk chocolate inside. In addition to the taste, they are strikingly attractive as well. They come in a bright turquoise, a beautiful soft yellow, a sweet pink, and a milky white.  I personally tend to go for the turquoise—for some reason these are the more enticing ones to me.  The crunch, the chocolate, the stunning colors, and the overall sweet taste of these little treats make me content with life, as well as brightening my world.  I can’t describe how much I am a sucker for a little purple bag of candy

I can’t say that I like Christmas trees before fried turkeys; however I do like Easter before Valentine’s Day and Mini Eggs before heart-shaped chocolates.  It is easy to assume and very safe to say that all I want this Valentine’s Day are . . . Cadbury Mini Eggs.


Thanks, Olivia.

Now bloggers, I wonder . . . what’s your favorite holiday-related candy or treat?  Although I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, mine is fruitcake at Christmas.  Yes, I said it.  (And fyi I’m secure enough in my gastronomic tastes, that even though I KNOW some of you are laughing and making fun of me right now, that’s okay.  I’m not ALL that upset.)

My mom used to make this icebox version of fruitcake with gooey graham crackers and all those candied fruits and nuts (and, I think, Coca Cola).  One Christmas season years ago (I’ve never confessed this before),  I was really hungry and ate an entire Claxton Fruitcake log, just like a big candy bar.

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