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It’s Hard To Do, But …


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  1. That is very difficult to do. For me I can’t even begin to do so. Right now everything just seems to be bad, even when I notice a positive aspect I kinda brush it off as if it doesn’t matter.

    • You’re right, Sean. It IS tough to do. And I certainly don’t think we should ignore the bad or pretend it isn’t there. What the affirmation is suggesting, I think/interpret, is that we attempt to “will” ourselves to push our heads out of the “bad cloud” long enough to consider the possibility that good might be lurking somewhere in the vicinity. And to ackowledge/name that good, however small or peripheral it might be.

      I posted the affirmation as a sort of test for myself, if truth be told, because I’ve been sick today, more so than I’ve been in quite awhile. I’m going to blog afterwhile about my success or failure in living out the affirmation.

  2. John Conner said:

    It can be hard to see the positives of some things, especially if you are in a bad place, but if you really work on it it soon requires less and less effort and eventually maybe it will become near effortless. It is something i think is worth the work put into it.

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