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Bee Well, Bee Happy!

What an incredibly beautiful and cool spring Savannah Saturday!  I can’t imagine a more gorgeously joyful place to spend Easter Eve.  This afternoon I took a delicious nap (do I need to say that it lasted well over two hours?), then decided to walk down Abercorn to Broughton and either turn right to go to Leopold’s (famous local ice creamery) or left and head to the Savannah Bee Company.  When I reached the intersection, a stretch of at least thirty people undulated from Leopold’s door.  To the bees I buzzed.

Walking through the beehive-ish screen doors, I entered SUCH a cool world.

I tasted all sorts of honey varieties I never knew existed: winter white, sourwood, black sage, and whipped, for example.  And I felt great (and so kitchen smart) because I told the friendly ladies behind the sampling area about using their Grill Honey last summer when I started grilling peaches (slice peaches in half and take out pit, rub a little olive oil on both sides of each half, then brush honey on the peaches and grill till honey is slightly carmelized–SO good!).  They loved the idea, and you will too.  (Do I sound a little like Rachel Ray?)  I found a pic (really) from last summer when I grilled peaches:

And look!  Here I am in front of their giant beehive:

I didn’t ask, but I’m pretty darn sure that since they have SO much honey, gigantic bees actually live in this hive at night and make lotsa honey.  I’ll contact Ted Dennard, the owner and beekeeper, and get back with you.

But the coolest part by far of my little Savannah Bee Company field trip (I LOVED field trips as a kid–couldn’t sleep a wink the night before!) was meeting the VERY positive, upbeat, encouraging, instructive and delightful honeyseller Alison Deehring.  She explained all sorts of fascinating bee info, as well as uses for the various honeys and honey products.  (For example, ladies, you can use the Beeswax Hand Cream on the ends of your hair.  Alison says it works really well.  I know it did on mine!  I can now use this wonder in addition to my previously posted hair product.  Scroll down to last couple of pics–you’ll know the ones.)  Here’s Alison (the fact that she spells her name with only one “l” makes her even hipper) and me with two honeybee bears (just go with it):

And yes, Alison gave me permission for this post–such a nice gesture after I gave her (okay, sort of forced on her) one of my NealEnJoy cards.  [Note to Ted: Give Alison a raise, or at least her own beehive.]

I left the store feeling happier than when I came in.  And what greater blessing could there bee for having visited an establishment?  As I pushed the screendoor to exit, this affirmation met my eyes and went with me–and now makes its way to you:

Comments on: "Bee Well, Bee Happy!" (5)

  1. Nick Glazier said:

    Hey I was there today too. Did you make it to the international festival?

  2. I went there today! Too bad I couldn’t see you there today Dr. Saye

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