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Grand — P.S.

Sometimes it’s best to leave Well Enough Alone.  WHY DO I THINK I ALWAYS HAVE TO KNOW MORE?  Know the details?  Know the “why”?  Know the pre- and post- of every minute occurrence or statement?

Did you see the previous post from earlier today, “Grand,” about little Daniel and Gabriel?  Cute, right?  I thought so too.  Made me say the “grandpa aww.”  Shouldn’t that have been ENOUGH for me?  To simply enjoy the picture.  But, no, I had to text my daughter and ask her, well, here’s the text exchange:

Me:  “Beautiful!  Was G saying something to D?”  [In my understory he was, something like, “Daniel, you da best big brudda in world.”]

Amy:  “No, trying to hit D when D just trying to put his arms around him.”

That’s it.  I’m through with “why’s.”  Why not?!  Okay, okay, NOW I’m through.

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