Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

It may just be Quatro de Mayo but here are Cinco Friday Happy Bringers:

1.  Today is the last day of classes for Spring Semester here at Georgia Southern!  After all these years, I still get just as excited about the ending of a school term as I did when I was a student.

2.  Along the same lines, this week I ran to the Savannah Mall for some little nic-nac or other.  (Okay, I’ll just tell you–I desperately wanted some of those curly fries with the special seasoning salt.)  You probably don’t know that Virginia College has set up a Savannah campus IN THE MALL.  Yes, really.  [http://www.vc.edu/campus/savannah-georgia-college.cfm]  You can arrive at the mall at 1:30, buy new underwear at Dillards, grab some Sweet Pea Bubble Bath at Bath and Body Works, lick a Wild Berry Waffle Cone at Cold Stone Creamery and STILL make it to your 2:00 class with time to spare.

I was taken aback when, walking by Bass Pro Shop and looking with fascination like always at that big fake bear display (remind me to tell you sometime about my childhood Great Smoky Mountains bear terror story), I heard commotion coming from center court downstairs.  Leaning on the second floor railing, I looked down:

I was mesmerized as I watched Virginia College’s Spring Commencement.  Almost immediately the jokiness that I had felt when I first thought of a “mall college” evaporated, and I was lowered from my lofty and slighty arrogant perch above.  I saw real young people and non-traditional students walking forward to receive their associate’s degrees as Medical Assistants and Pharmacy Technicians or get their certificates in Culinary Arts or Cosmetology.  I joined parents and friends and other mall wellwishers in applause and catcalls.  For some reason I got a bit choked up.  I was witnessing life moving forward.  I send thoughts of success and prosperity and joy and blessing to these graduates.

3.  Speaking of life moving forward, the gift of children.

(Grandson Daniel in a gift bag.)

4.  This week I planted a bush.  (Maybe the result of the recent Earth Day observance.)

5.  Being able to see clearly.

Healthy, Happy Weekend to You!

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