Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

I’m smiling and happy about the following five things today:

1.  These inviting, mysterious steps tucked away in a little hidden neighborhood north of Atlanta on my fun trip earlier this week:

(For some reason, they made me think that all things are possible–just up the hill a bit.)

2.  My two-year old grandson Gabriel’s new training potty.

(It actually sings.  “I’m so big.  Look at me.  I can use my own potty!”)

3.  My five-year old grandson Daniel’s sense of adventure and daring.  “I can drive a jet ski!”

(And he did, with a little assistance.)

4.  On Tuesday of this week I had the largest number of page views ever for the blog–552!

5.  Coming to the (sometimes difficult to swallow) realization that I alone am responsible for my joy (or lack of it) in life.

Great, great weekend to you!

Comments on: "Five Friday Happy Bringers (5/18/12)" (4)

  1. Potty update: So far Gabriel has sat on potty each time for about 5 seconds and jumped up yelling, “I did it!” Nothing actually in potty…

  2. Neal, where north of Atlanta are those steps? I used to live up there so I’m curious! They are lovely! ~Jamie

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