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Tybee Partee

Last night I went to the beautiful Tybee Island oceanfront home of Helen Downing for a church party.  Actually it was a party for members of the church choir (which I am not a part of) (for good reason) (seems that every song I try to sing ends up sounding like ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”), but anyway I somehow finagled my way in without the law being involved in any way whatsoever.  I am really getting pretty good at this pretending-to-be-a-famous-blogger-as-a-strategy-to-get-free-food-and-sundries thing.

The meal, highlighted by incredible cooked-on-the-spot crab cakes and watermelon-feta salad, so overwhelmed me that I forgot all about taking pictures till I was foundered from gorging and stumbled down to the beach–just as the sun started to set.

(Okay, be honest, which looks bigger–my butt or my head?)

Along my beach walk, I met these girls–Celine, Abigail and Cici–from Charlottesville, VA.  Abby was playing a little guitar.  I thought that was blog-worthy.

The sun was just so beautiful that I decided to take it home.

Goodnight, Sun.

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