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Me and The Big House

Well, I suppose that sometimes The Picture Tells the Story.  I’m certainly not proud of it, but yesterday, while trying to Mind My Own Business, I ended up on the Wrong Side of the Law on Amelia Island and regrettably … in The Big House.  I could tell you all about it, but I’m still kinda shaky so will just show you the pictures.  (Amazingly and coincidentally, a local photographer documented the Unfortunate Turn of Events … in three parts.)  As you can tell, I don’t look happy–this Ain’t No Laughing Matter!

*** The Incarceration 

*** The Escape

As luck would have it, yesterday produced Another Scorcher, and the guards were exceptionally listless and somewhat lazy.  Look what I was Able to Do!


*** The Smug Satisfaction and Confession

Okay, now that I’m outta there, I’ll confess:  I might have shot the sheriff, but I Did Not Shoot the Deputy!  Now I’m counting on you, Faithful Blog Followers, not to Turn Me In.

(Amelia Island Museum of History)

Comments on: "Me and The Big House" (4)

  1. You really had me going there for awhile, Neal!! It looks like you survived in relatively good shape!

  2. And of course you did the “smart thing” by posting your escape on your blog :>>!

  3. I didn’t say I was a smart criminal.

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