Me and The Big House

Well, I suppose that sometimes The Picture Tells the Story.  I’m certainly not proud of it, but yesterday, while trying to Mind My Own Business, I ended up on the Wrong Side of the Law on Amelia Island and regrettably … in The Big House.  I could tell you all about it, but I’m still kinda shaky so will just show you the pictures.  (Amazingly and coincidentally, a local photographer documented the Unfortunate Turn of Events … in three parts.)  As you can tell, I don’t look happy–this Ain’t No Laughing Matter!

*** The Incarceration 

*** The Escape

As luck would have it, yesterday produced Another Scorcher, and the guards were exceptionally listless and somewhat lazy.  Look what I was Able to Do!


*** The Smug Satisfaction and Confession

Okay, now that I’m outta there, I’ll confess:  I might have shot the sheriff, but I Did Not Shoot the Deputy!  Now I’m counting on you, Faithful Blog Followers, not to Turn Me In.

(Amelia Island Museum of History)

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