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Sunday Morning Quote — 7/29/12

“Happiness is not a station to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”

Margaret Lee Runbeck

“I Believe in Me. I Love Me. All Is Well … And So It Is.”

I love stories!  Always have.  True or fiction, it doesn’t matter.  There’s something about “Once upon a time …” that is just SO excitingly inviting.  I have learned that stories, that fiction even, can teach us so much about living fuller, happier lives.  My great success with using in writing classes the wonderful Kathryn Stockett novel The Help once again proved to me how a great story can transport the reader/listener into another realm–in this case, racist Jackson, Mississippi, in the 1960’s where a group of black maids learned how significant their never-before-heard voices really were.

I love it that Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church here in Savannah embraces a full range of artistic expression, including storytelling.  The video below features talented  raconteur Dottie Kluttz telling The Story of Two Pots.


Here I am with Dottie back in May at Savor the Flavor of Savannah–a local food tasting event benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association of Coastal Georgia and hosted by Deborah Hargroves of Dancing Stars of Georgia.

“I believe in me.  I love me.  All is well … and so it is.”

Five Friday Happy Bringers (Really) (7/27/12)

It was so hot yesterday (Thursday) that I thought it was Friday (today) and somehow posted my weekly Five Friday Happy Bringers (all about air conditioning).  I’m so beet-red embarrassed from that foolishness (well, and from the heat) that I’m trying it all again this morning.  So now that it’s really Friday (I think), here are five things I’m tickled pink about.

1.  From yesterday:  air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning.

2.  Learning from grandsons Daniel (5) and Gabriel (3) what BeyBlades are, and becoming pretty darn minimally adequate at spinning them.  Here’s Daniel with his dad Orte spinning the BeyBlades:

I played with D yesterday afternoon.  Daniel began spinning his top (can I call it that?), screaming phrases such as, “Abu, Beware!  Pegasus, blast him off the floor!  Gan Gan Galaxy alert!  Gingka!  Masune!”

I stared dumb(founded) for a few minutes until he yelled, “Abu!  Blast it off now!  Last one shaking!”  Then I somehow get mine (my “what”?  I’m not even sure what it is) spinning.  But little  Gabriel began squealing with laughter as my top slammed into the hall wall, and both D and G taunted me with, “Shaking!  Shaking!”  Huh?  What?  How did I miss all this?  I resisted the urge to spank them both.

3.  This little chest.

4.  Playful Squirrels. 

5.  As Paula Deen says, “Waking up on the right side of the dirt!”

Somehow have a cool last weekend in July 2012!

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