Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

It’s a rainy Friday (which I love), and here are five things I’m really happy about.

1. Meeting Sai (below) at the very hip Parker’s in historic district Savannah when I was paying for late-night ginger ale.

Her actual name, Saidah, translates into “happiness” in Arabic! How cool is that?! And the translation certainly fit the personality; Sai was so joyful!

2. Speaking of meeting folks, as I was minding my own business sauntering into the 7 to 11 convenience store on Drayton (actual name, 7 to 11, not 7-Eleven), to buy the winning $253 million lottery ticket, I glanced to the left and saw a teeny doggy in the arms of a muscled body builder. They both looked SO happy I decided to stop minding my own business and introduce myself and my blog.

The cute pup’s name is Mascot, and his master is LaVar. The beautiful lady is Jennifer.

They’re from Charlotte, NC visiting our fair city.  And now they are our new friends.  (After serious consideration, I decided not to challenge LaVar to an arm-wrestling contest.)

3.  An EnJoyable hour of exploring the recesses of Shaver’s famous bookstore in historic district Savannah.

Here I am with my favorite poet Emily Dickinson:

I loved meeting and kindered-spiriting with Barbara and Venessa, who obviously EnJoy working at Shaver’s.  Stop by and say hello–tell them Neal sent you!  I’ll be watching.

4.  While at Fresh Market buying pepper bacon for an heirloom tomato salad I saw on the front of Food Network Magazine, I saw Sausage Pig:

Wasn’t sure whether it’s cute or disgusting, but it made me smile.

5.  Leisurely strolling through a light rain in downtown Savannah.


Take some time and smile a lot this weekend!

Comments on: "Five Friday Happy Bringers (8/9/12)" (3)

  1. I’m a little befuddled by Sausage Pig too. One of those “hmm, interesting” things you see in random places. Someone had some time on their hands to make him.

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