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Comments on: "Forward" (2)

  1. Since my Mom passed away this year I have been mentally giving her a pass on the challanging aspects of her personality and have done what many people do about remembering only the happy times. As time goes by I am remembering the not so happy times again and the voices in my head that were Mom that shaped who I am. Letting go of the negative thoughts and voices from the past doesn’t mean we have to let go completely of the people attached to them. The influence of people who are supposed to encourage us but, for whatever reason can’t, can be difficult to let go of because they were our role models. I am looking foreward today and when I remember something I was told that is negative or limiting that mom believed – I say today that I don’t belive that, and I haven’t for a long time. I am sorry that she couldn’t see things in a better light and I am grateful for letting go.

    • A wonderfully healthy take-away from the quote, Carl. You helped me to see what it really means in practical terms. I appreciate your explaining that we do not have to throw away people when we are trying to move beyond their negative views or behaviors. Thanks for an insightful commentary.

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