Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

It’s Friday; let’s be happy!  Here are five reasons why I am.

1.  Making new friends, such as Lucky (isn’t that a cool name?) and Susan Rattan, a delightful newlywed couple from Providence, RI, I recently met at Jen’s and Friends on Bull Street here in Savannah.  They were in Savannah as part of their honeymooning.  May their lives be filled with joy and an abundance of all good things!  Congrats to Susan and Lucky.  (Btw, Lucky introduced me to the term “grandtwins” which I use all the time now.)  Look at this great picture of the happy couple:

2.  Having a terrific second week of the quarter in my new part-time teaching position at SCAD, getting acquatinted with the incredible school and the fun, bright, creative young people.

3.  A student, Evin Hughes, from my area of Writing and Linguistics at Georgia Southern University (from which I retired back in June), winning the prestigious Muhammad Ali Writing Award for Ethics (and a $10,000 cash prize)!  His insightful and brilliant essay, Float Like a Plane, Sting Like a Bomb: The Ethics of US Drone Attacks, can be found on the link below.  (Scroll down to the bottom of the page when you get to the site.)  Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel was one of the judges (!), and Evin beat out finalists from schools such as Columbia University and George Washington University.  Way to go, Evin and GSU!


4.  My front door being painted blue:

5.  Grandtwins (thanks, Lucky) Matthew and Madison celebrating their seven-weeks birthday.  (Oh and Mom Emily)

Have an Embracing Joy weekend.  Find happiness; it’s there if you look for it.

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