Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

The last Friday in September!  And I’m happy about:

1.  This incredibly liberating truth: “It’s not really about how smart you are.  It’s about how ARE you smart?!  Let’s teach this joyful principle to our children (and ourselves).  For smartness comes in SO many forms and sizes and packages.

2.  Attending a workshop at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), Adobe Day at SCAD, all about using software with which I’m totally unfamiliar.  It stretched me, made me think beyond my typical comfort level of thinking (i.e., what size coffee should I get at Dunkin Donuts).  Here’s the blurb about the workshop:

Adobe  staff will demonstrate how you can unleash your creativity and deliver
engaging digital experiences through innovations in design, Web and
video development tools. Overhauled workflows allow students and
professors to get the most out of lab and classroom time. All SCAD
students are provided a free copy of the Creative Suite 6 Master Suite
and Lightroom through MySCAD. This event is free and open to all SCAD
students, professors and staff.

I left FLOORED by what can be done on the computer these days.

3.  Umbrellas.  Especially open ones.

4.  Ninjas

(Grandies Daniel and Gabriel)

5.  Knowing, really knowing, that the quality of my thinking moment by moment, and day by day determines the level of my happiness in those moments and days.

Have a Joyful Thinking weekend.

Comments on: "Five Friday Happy Bringers (9/28/12)" (4)

  1. As always, Neal Saye says exactly what I need to hear, AND posts awesome pics of his awesome grandkids! I’ve been thinking a lot about that first one — did you see last night’s Rock Center? There was an amazing report about character education. And Frontline this week had a show about a program for drop-outs in Texas; it was absolutely amazing. I’m now going to spend the rest of the day thinking about this and also feeling very proud of myself for using a semi-colon in a blog comment.


  2. Your grandies have to be the cutest ninjas I’ve ever seen. A lot of people forget or ignore that lesson about umbrellas and the mind. If you have a closed mind you miss out on learning, growing and sharing with people from diverse backgrounds. It’s a shame that still today there are so many close minded people who refuse to change.

    • Thanks so much! The grandboys are such a joy. And now I have grandtwins as well. And yes, yes, you are right–closemindedness hurts us all so very much. Thanks for your insightful comment. I hope your weekend is great!

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