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89 & Feeling Fine

I drove up to the small town of Ball Ground (just north of Atlanta) this morning to help celebrate the 89th Birthday of my father, Harold Hulon Saye Sr.

What a JOY both my parents are! They still make me laugh like nobody else can.





Staring Contest #4 (Thanksgiving/Early Christmas Version)

Minding my own business over the weekend, peacefully walking along the river in downtown Savannah, not at all trying to start something that would have to be finished, my joyfully calm day became something altogether darkly different when an overly confident Toy Soldier started to–.

Wait, let’s back up a second.  Some of you know that I occasionally find myself, through no fault of my own, smack dab in the middle of the most painfully demanding staring contests.  Renaissance men, famous football coaches, even Pirates all have been my adversaries in this universally accepted battle of true manhood and endurance.

Anyway, back to my story.  As I was trekking through the lobby of the Riverfront Marriott, hoping to find some free holiday punch and maybe a cookie to further cheer me, and thinking about the feasibility of writing a letter to Santa at my age (that confession might be borderline funny if it wasn’t so very true), I heard a Snicker, a Snigger, and felt inexplicably Scorned, Scoffed.  Initially thinking, Ebeneezer Scrooge-ishly, that the interruption might simply be the result of the fried duck and waffle breakfast I demolished earlier at B. Matthew’s on Bay Street, my sauntering slowed as I heard/felt the intrusion again.  So I turned casually around …

… only to see a Smirk, a Sneer on a colorful (I’ll give him that), sorta French-looking Toy Soldier.  I tried to be polite and friendly (afterall I write a happiness blog), but TS obviously had other plans, jerking his head one way, then the other in an only-partially-successful effort to intimidate me.

Finally after what felt like only minutes later, the feeble, old-enough-to-be-MY father concierge told me (rather rudely in my opinion), that I had to get out of his lap, and that no, his table was not big enough for both of us to sit behind.  So I marched right back over to the Toy Soldier (he was perched by the only exit), knowing a battle awaited.  Gathering my gumption, I flung myself headlong into Staring Contest #4.

And as is usually the case, whenever I stop trembling, Neal’s courage arrives.  Holiday revelers gathered round, about half of them backing up TS, the others for yours truly.

Big deal that his fans were more festively dressed and enthusiastic than mine.

The battle intensified.

And even though I really had to use the bathroon after having sipped all the concierge’s cocoa, I held my own.  The game I’m talking about.

And I …

Won!  How?  I can’t give away all my secrets.

Later.  I’m outta here.

Sunday Morning Quote — 11/25/12

“Peace begins with a smile.”

— Mother Theresa


Another Day


Five Friday Happy Bringers (11/23/12)

I am thankfully happy about what I see when I gaze upward:

1.  Clouds which look like anything my imagination conjures.

2.  An airplane at night so close I can see its lights.

3.  Church spires.

4.  Falling leaves in golds and reds.

5.  A bird soaring and seeing.

Great weekend ahead!

Gratitude Turkey

I picked up Grandson Daniel (5) from school yesterday, and, hopping into his back seat, he excitedly showed me his just-completed Turkey Basket (well, that’s what he called it anyway).  As I soon learned, the turkey project was two-fold: first the cute little construction paper turkey itself.  But as you can see in the pictures below, the front housed a nifty envelope (basket?) which held little gratitude or thanksgiving cards.  For each note, Daniel and his classmates completed the statement “I am thankful for ____ because …” for their family members.

What a joy!  Little ones expressing their thankfulness so sincerely.  Below Daniel explains to me that his plan for Thanksgiving Day consists of waiting till “all the guests” have eaten “some of their turkey” and then “hand out the slips.”  And he did just that–for all fourteen of the folks at the table.  His mom helped him with some of the spelling, but the sentiments were exclusively his.

Here’s mine:

“I am thankful for Abu (that’s me) because he helps with decorations.”

(Okay, maybe that sounds a bit strange, but the day before, we had decorated for Thanksgiving with some outdoor lights.  And a month earlier we had carved two jack o’ lanterns.)

What Thanksgiving Joy!  We really all do have so very much to put in our Turkey Baskets.

[For more on “Abu” see “My Favorite Word Is Abu!” post.]

Traditional Thanksgiving Music

Isn’t this music/video soothing and memory-producing?

I hope your day has been a good one, marked with thoughts of thankfulness.

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