Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

We’re deep into a beautiful, cool fall, and here are five things I’m happy about this Friday:

1.  Finishing my first quarter teaching Language Studio (ESL) at SCAD.  Here’s my terrific Mon/Wed 5:00 class on our final day.

I presented them each with a certificate for completing ESL at SCAD.

2.  My buddy Riboclavin is in Ireland!  No, no, not for a medical procedure he couldn’t get in the US!  (Blog followers will recall that fake-named Riboclavin takes his temperature “frequently” and thinks he is dying at least a couple times a week.  Broken fingernail?  911.  As a good friend should, I revel in making fun of him.)  But just look at these cool pics from Ribo.

Here he is with fellow traveler Brittany.

Seems they eat a lot.

May Riboclavin and Brittany have a continued safe, fun, HEALTHY trip.

3.  Learning to make a text whale.

4.  Realizing that even plants know how to share.

5.  This friendly parrot saying hello to me several times this week.

Happiest of Weekends ahead!

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