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Perfume? Vampire perfume? Seriously?

Saw it in the gift section. But who do you buy it for? And what does buying
It for her say about her … or you? That she’s Bella-ish? Or a Bella wannabe? That you like red? And where on her body will she wear it? I mean obviously the neck’s out. Duh.

I tried to sorta open one package to catch a whiff of Vampire, but a mean-spirited Wal-Mart associate frowned at me like I had drawn blood or something.

And then I got REALLY nervous because it seemed that everybody in the cheap gifts section except me looked shiny, sparkly. (Maybe i looked a little shiny, but it was just because of Burt’s Bees–NOT because I had no soul.) So I took these pics real quick and paid for my buttermilk in the self check out lane–and left that den.

Vampire Perfume? Seriously?

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