Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

I LOVE early December.  The excitement. The anticipation.  The advent.  And of course I/we all love Friday.  Here are Five Friday Happy Bringers.

1.  Attending last night’s opening of the new Savannah Telfair Museum exhibit, Offering of the Angels: Paintings and Tapestries from the Uffizi Gallery.  Beforehand I heard a fascinating lecture about the Uffizi–Florence Italy’s renowned art museum, which houses an incredible collection of Italian Renaissance master works.  About a decade ago I saw firsthand the Uffizi when my older daughter Amy was studying abroad in Italy.  (I somehow managed to finagle a trip over there to teach one of her classes on gender studies for a couple of days.  I also got horribly lost one night walking alone, Gelato-filled, in Verona and couldn’t remember the name of my hotel.  Or the location.  But that’s another story.)

Here are a few of the Renaissance pictures on display at the Telfair:


Wait, sorry.  Of course, that’s just me inviting you up the stairs to the art treasures.  Behind me is the spread of Italian delicacies I had been munching on only minutes before.  (Btw, those wealthy arts patrons sure do like cheese.)  And here I am only seconds before, trying to decide if I’m too stuffed with marinated olives and flatbread pizza to wobble up and look at the pictures.


A sampling of the pantings:

FABRIZIO BOSCHI (1572-1642); The Fall of Manna, c. 1594-97; Oil on canvas; 144 x 229 cm; Collection of Uffizi Gallery, Florence

After FRANS FLORIS (1519 or 1520-1570); The Sin of Adam and Eve, Early 1600s; Oil on canvas; 179 x 179 cm; Collection of Uffizi Gallery, Florence

LIVIO MEHUS (1627 - 1691); The Annunciation, 1670s; Oil on canvas; 78 x 69 cm; Collection of Uffizi Gallery, Florence

SANDRO BOTTICELLI (and 19th-century restorer) (1445-1510); Madonna and Child, c. 1466-67; Oil on panel; 72 x 50 cm; Collection of Uffizi Gallery, Florence

2.  Christmas speciality coffees.

3.  Finishing the hard-to-put-down Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.

4.  Watching as gorgeous downtown Savannah gets decorated for the holidays.

5.  Getting my first Christmas card of the season. 

Find joy this weekend!

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