Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

Sunday night I ventured over to Savannah’s beautiful Ardsley Park neighborhood to attend the House Concert (doesn’t that sound hip?) featuring singer/songwriter Amy Steinberg.

What a joyfully encouraging evening!

I got the invite from good buddy/socialite/singer-in-her-own-right/kindred spirit Jamie Marie Smith:


The night started with a potluck before the concert.  I brought crescent rolls.  Apparently, fairly powerful rolls.


Here’s Amy and Jamie:


I LOVE the message in Amy”s music:  we’re all GREAT the way we are, we should ENJOY these moments of our lives and WE SHOULD LOVE (at least that was my take-away.)




I had a great perch in a corner with a rocking chair.  (Felt a bit like an overseeing, wise patriarch.)







My favorite of Amy’s repertoire, “Exactly,” inspires us to recognize the “perfect me” inside by embracing the truth that we REALLY are where we need to be, and that we can/should find true happiness NOW if we look for it, accept it, claim it as our birthright.

“I am exactly where I need to be
I need to be exactly where I am
I am surrendering so willingly
To be the perfect me inside this now.”

Take a listen:

Throughout the evening, Amy fed us a smorgasbord of inspiring, uplifting musical messages.



Just look at the titles of a few of her other song gems: “Yes,” “Beautiful in Me,” “Hope,” “I Am Enough,” “Shine,” and “Run, Don’t Walk.”  I sat there entranced, feeling as though the essence of my blog had been set to music.  And as the evening continued, I realized that Amy didn’t just sing about abundant joy–she personified it.

Check out Amy’s website.  You Tube her.  Find her on iTunes.  You will be glad you did!

Buy her music:


You are a wonderful blessing, Amy Steinberg.  Keep singing!  Your voice needs to be heard.

P.S.  I may become a world famous singer myself.  When Amy wasn’t looking and most of the guests were eating cheese, I …





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