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Fascinating Forgotten Fort

On Saturday I traveled half an hour south of Savannah on Interstate 95 to visit the long forgotten town of Sunbury, Georgia and the Fort Morris State Historic Site.  (By the way, did you know you can check out free passes for Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites at your local library?  Well, maybe not if you live in London.)



If you read my latest Five Friday Happy Bringers post, you know that I’m rather proud of my brand new … blog microphone!  Here I am trying to use it.  Toward the end of the video, I went a little beserk and sounded simply foolish (“Thanks for seeing me”??  Huh?), but I was too tired to tape it again.  And my hand was aching from holding the microphone.  And I was hungry.  My on-camera skills hopefully WILL improve soon.  Who knows, I may be interviewing YOU soon.

Insert Video: 

What an interestingly educational and fun afternoon I enjoyed!  Even though I arrived just an hour before closing, I was graciously greeted by THE COOLEST couple, June and Stan Dean from Bellingham, WA, who are enjoying a three-month stint as volunteers at Fort Morris.  Here I am with June.


June and Stan have been volunteering at state parks and historic sites for twelve years, traveling around and living on-site in their RV!  (I need to volunteer more, and not just at food samplings and such.)

(Link for volunteering in Georgia:  http://gastateparks.org/Volunteer?siteid=5&wrapid=1)

June showed me a short film about Sunbury and Fort Morris.  I learned, for example, that before the Revolutionary War, Sunbury rivaled my hometown of Savannah as Georgia’s busiest port–and that a truckload of famous folks hailed from Sunbury, including two of Georgia’s signers of the Declaration of Independence: Lyman Hall and Button Gwinnett.  (I struggle with this lifelong SERIOUS problem with thinking that everybody’s name is so much cooler than mine–Neal.  But really, aren’t both Lyman and Button the neatest names?  If I were still in the child-bearing mode, and had a baby boy, I think I would name him Button.)


According to the brochure that June generously handed me, “In November 1778, a British expedition … moved on Sunbury by land and water.  When the British leader demanded the surrender of the fort and town, American Col. John McIntosh replied, ‘We, sir, are fighting the battle of America … As to surrendering the fort, receive this laconic reply: Come and Take It!'”  I’m impressed with this quote for many reasons, including the use of the word “laconic,” as well as the encouragement for me to tell the tax collectors of our fiscal cliff raised taxes, laconically, to “Come and Take It!”


After meandering through the museum, I left June and Stan, rang the bell, hid behind a bush, tried to fire a cannon, and then set off to explore the old fort’s grounds and earthwork.








Such beautiful views of nature in this sleepy section of forgotten South Georgia.




Now, where am I supposed to go next?


Okay, across the bridge.



At one point I got a little tired/hungry so sat down for more brochure reading and snacking.  But then I remembered I didn’t bring any food, darn it.





Look at this sharp palm tree trunk.







Instructions, instructions:



And finally, here I am throwing up and catching a walking cane-type stick for good luck.


A wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon!

Fort Morris Website: http://gastateparks.org/FortMorris/

Comments on: "Fascinating Forgotten Fort" (4)

  1. June Dean said:

    We really enjoyed reading your most informative blog on your visit to Fort Morris and I hope to figure out how to email this to friends who will like being able to see where we are for the next three months. Thanks for the postive feedback and comments. On a personal note, I was also born on January 10 and am only a few decades past 39.

    • Hi June! I’m SO glad you read the post. I loved our time at Fort Morrison Saturday. What a fascinating place Sunbury is. And I envy you and Stan for being able to get to know the place over the next months. I hope you have a great time! Please keep follwing the blog and say hello to your new “Coexisting friend.”

    • Karie Foust said:

      It was so fun to read about my friends June and Stan! They ARE the “Coolest” people!

      • Hi Karie, you are lucky to have such great freinds as June and Stan. They are a delight. I’m so glad I was able to meet them, even for such a short while.

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