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Backyard Joy

So recently, after getting a great haircut (and a little take-ten-years-away-coloring) from Rick at The Living Room Salon and Barbering on Bull Street here in Savannah, AND after moseying next door for a really delicious lunch (including sweet potato salad) at the hip Butterhead Greens Cafe AND after making sure the friendly but authoritative meter maid left my car alone, I decided to meander down cool-looking Brady Street near the restaurant.



Savannah is a city which MUST be walked, slowly, to discover its streetscape wonders.  The Historic, Victorian and Ardsley Park districts often hide their treasures from cars.  As I meandered, I marveled at the pastel colors of some of the houses, and found myself caught up in surveying one double home in particular.  I paused to take a picture on the steps on one side (green is my favorite color) (and more green) …


… then walked to the other half.


I’m really not sure what drew me to the house–perhaps the royal yellow blooms on a flowering bush …



… or the neat little garden out front, or the Wisconsin license plates on the car in the tiny parking area.

As I stood blatantly staring at the beautiful double house, the front door opened and the owners marched out with paint brushes in hand.  Well, of course I HAD to say something since I had basically trespassed and stood, rather dumbly suspicious-looking, right up against their car’s bumper.

“Uh, hello, so you’re from Wisconsin?”  (Being caught off guard ALWAYS throws me a bit.   Usually makes me turn beet red.  And for some reason–maybe because I get nervous–I always want to LIE in situations such as this one, say something like, I don’t know, “Uh hello there, I see you’re from Wisconsin?!  Well I AM TOO!  What a coincidence!” before I consider the implications of the lie.  But of course I’ve never been to Wisconsin.  All I know about Wisconsin is they wear cheese hats at football games.


I’ve never been particularly great with first impressions, but if you will just give me a little time, I will grow on you a bit.)

Well, Rick and Linda graciously welcomed me into their yard and home.  I spent a delightful forty-five minutes hearing a bit about their lives.  For example, they spend half a year here in Savannah and the other half in Wisconsin.  (When I get up the courage, I’m going to ask them to bring me back a cheese hat.)


And when they heard I write a happiness blog, with a category called “In Our Own Back Yard,” about exploring the richly beautiful Savannah area, they looked at each other, hooted, and Linda exclaimed, “Do I have a story for you!”  It’s a story about a wall and happiness.  Listen to what Linda says concerning what she and her husband are doing to enjoy their backyard more fully and joyfully.


(I’d like to thank my camera man for getting so rambunctiously excited during the filming.)

Now follow us, as we walk around to their beautiful backyard.



Rick and Linda gathered stray half bricks around the city to pave their walkway and patio.  Isn’t the brickwork stunning?



“Here’s what we have completed so far.” Linda said as she showed me the back of her neighbor’s house.



I love that story!  So sometimes we have to work, to make effort, to pay a price to get us closer to happiness.  But as Linda explained, this type of work is NOT really a burden, is not unpleasant–on the contrary, it’s vibrant and invigorating and brings pleasure.  It’s fun!




(Mirror, mirror on the wall….)




Thank you, Linda and Rick, for sharing your backyard happiness with us.  We’ll be back soon to tour your lovely home–and to pick up the cheese head hat.

Comments on: "Backyard Joy" (8)

  1. taylor warsek said:

    Neal-There may be a cheesehead in your future if all the packer fans have not bought them all! Fun post-could you have found a crabbier looking face for me on the video? I look like a scary person…..if the shoe fits…… Linda and Rick

  2. Love the cackle, Neal!

  3. Mark Fordham said:

    Wonderful post! I love all the pics and the video and the fact that you can find joy in simple, but meaningful things that enhance your lives and joy! Thanks Linda and Rick for the tour!

  4. Mark Fordham said:

    Thanks Neal! All is good here; maybe just a tad too much work. At least I stay out of trouble that way!!

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