Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

Do you love Friday as much as I do? Here’s today’s list of five reasons I’m happy.

1. Springtime smells, such as jasmine.



2. Scissors.


Wasn’t that person smart who invented them?!

3. The word “rigmarole” (even though I just five seconds ago learned that I have been mispronouncing it ALL of my life, with an “uh” thrown in after the “rig” part at the beginning. Rig-UH-ma-role.) Listen, at my age, do you think it might be okay to just go ahead and keep pronouncing it wrong? I mean, really, who’s it gonna hurt?

4. Robert Frost’s lesson about LIFE.



5. Fire in my fire pit.

Back Camera

Have a glowing Memorial Day Weekend.

Comments on: "Five Friday Happy Bringers (5/24/13)" (4)

  1. Never smelt a Jasmine plant. I like it in green tea though.

  2. I guess I’ve been mispronouncing rigmarole, too!

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