Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

Friday’s here, mates.  Here are five huge reasons I’m jumping for joy.

1.  This dinosauric wedding pic.  The photographer told the wedding party to run toward him with terrified expressions on their faces.  He then Photoshopped the rest.


Click here for a larger, high definition version.

2.  Petsitting daughter Emily’s toy poodle Tyler, while Em, Travis and the twins go to the beach for a few days.



(Do most dogs have to be rocked to sleep?)

(Or fed with a baby spoon?)

(Or have nervous tics?)

Here are Madison and Matthew on their first beach experience.



(Do you think it’s a good idea for babies to gnaw on sandy sea shells?)

3.  Fighting, but only when you need to …


… and are properly outfitted.

(Grandson Daniel with new sparring gear for Tae Kwon Do.)

4.  The hope and promise of SUMMER on the horizon!

5.  My Nook.

Great weekend ahead!

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