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Comments on: "Dear Math" (9)

  1. LOVE this!!! I DO NOT do math, but my son just graduated with his bachelor’s degree in math…. no idea where he got it!!!

    • Ha. Math even makes my back ache, and gives me dandruff.

      • I may or may not have gotten smart boys to do my math homework……

      • Well, that sounds to me like you’re the smart one. The boys might could manipulate numbers, but you could manipulate them.

      • I have a flirty past lol
        Sadly, I lost the ability somewhere along the way… And I never learned math.

      • Flirting is an art. And really, when do you need math? The subject is too numbery, and it reminds me of history–there’s no future in it.

      • I don’t even balance a checkbook anymore… Everything else I google or ask Siri.
        Maybe I haven’t completely lost my flirting skills! I’ll have to get back to you on that 😉

      • Checkbook?! What’s that? I haven’t written a check since 2003. But Siri, I just do not get. My problem is this: even though I intellectually KNOW that Siri is computer generated, when I hear “her,” I think she’s real. REAL.

  2. I write one check a month.
    And Siri doesn’t understand me half of the time… when I ask anything about “ice” she ends up getting all offended!!

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