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Summer Songs

Summer is here, and that makes me Happy!  I LOVE summer.


Even at my age (middle age?  late middle age?  okay, okay EXTREMELY LATE middle age–you really didn’t have to push it that far), I still get a THRILL thinking about the Summer Months.  I’m not sure why exactly.  Maybe because, to me, summer always seems to be brimming over with possibility, with adventure, with travel, with cookouts, with swimming.  With solving mysteries (The Hardy Boys–I read them all  one summer–okay, also Trixie Belden).  With extended visits with out-of-state family.  With homemade ice cream.  With camp.  With the 4th of July.

And with cool songs.  Here are a few of my favorite ones about summer:

“Summertime” sung by Lena Horne:


“Crazy Days of Summer” sung by Nate King Cole:


“A Summer Song” sung by Chad and Jeremy:


“Our Last Summer” from the movie Mama Mia:


Same song by the masters, Abba:


Do you have favorite summer songs?

Joyful Summer 2013!

Comments on: "Summer Songs" (9)

  1. I love ALL of theses songs, esp. “Summertime” by Lena Horne. I had to listen about 5 times just to that one! I love Nat’s “Crazy Days of Summer” and “A Summer Song.” Loved the others too. “Under the Boardwalk” by the Drifters (1964) also reminds me of summer. Thanks for the great tunes, Neal! I hope you have a thrilling summer too!!

  2. The song “Kittery Tide” by a folk band called Girlyman is one of my favorite songs for summer. It’s all about picking up and heading out. My favorite line is “I can’t wait for the day you come running to say those summer nights are here to stay.” 🙂

    And I looooove anything by Abba, so thank you for starting my morning of student conferences off right!

    • Amanda! So great to hear from you! I just listened to “Kittery Tide”–cool song. Hope all is well in the Boro. I still miss you all.

      Sent from Neal’s iPhone4

  3. Orte and I love ABBA!

  4. Hi Neal: I did a posting this morning to honor Lena Horne on her birthday. She was something else. Stop by my blog some time! Thanks!

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