10 thoughts on “Monday Morning Challenge — A New Path

  1. Well, I actually did it Saturday, went to take photos of the exterior of the hospital I was born in (now abandoned), when I found entry into the hospital, I was a little nervous, being alone and all, but we only live once, so I went inside!!! There was a point in my life when I would have NEVER done that… I like me better now!

    1. Oh my gosh, TrippyBeth! You are bravery personified! What did you see? Did you take pics? Did you scream at least one time?! I love the idea of “going back” when, of course, we cannot go back. But I keep trying over and over again.

      1. Hey Beth! (Beth, right?) Long day and just checking emails. That’s great that you got the post out! But for some reason, when I try to go to it, I just get your posts from March 2013 and earlier. Share the link for today’s post when you have a second, please.

        Hope all is well. I’m a tired lil fellow tonight.


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