Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

It’s Fab Fri.  I’m happy.  You?  Five reasons why I am:

1.  A brand new quarter at SCAD.  Teaching a DELIGHTFUL group of graduate students starting their master’s programs.  Here are their areas of study: MFA–Sound Design, MFA–Animation, MA–Illustration, MA–Arts Administration, M.Arch–Master of Architecture, MA–Interactive Design and Game Development, MFA–Luxury and Fashion Management, MA–Interior Design, MA–Design Management.  Doesn’t all that sound exciting??  I wanna go back to school!!

2.  Lemons.


3.  Courage.


4.  A few more Awkward Family Photos.







5.  Laughter.

Beautiful Weekend ahead!  Smile!


Comments on: "Five Friday Happy Bringers (9/20/13)" (8)

  1. Audrey Dugeau said:

    Your class sounds interesting. Diversity often brings enlightening perspectives.

  2. Wonderful blog, Neal! I’m having roofing done on my house. They are coming again this Saturday after they have finally got the house framed with a new overhang all the way around my house, which took quite awhile, and patience, to do. I’m so happy to have this work done, and today the shingles will be installed on the house and storage building.
    Glad you have a great class to teach students that are eager to learn! Nothing better!
    Take care and have a great weekend!

  3. Your blog always makes me smile Neal.

  4. Melanie Simon said:

    Love it!

    Sent from my iPhone

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