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Oh Helen! And Cinnamon!

This past weekend, I spent some time in Helen, GA.  Ever been?  NO?!  What’s wrong with you?  Helen’s a Bavarian village smack dab in the middle of the Northeast Georgia hills.



One highlight of the trip (in addition to discovering something called three-week slaw) had to be meeting and getting to know a delightful lady named Cinnamon, who runs the hip little eatery bearing the shortened nickname that Cinnamon’s grandmother called her as a child:  Cimmi”s Cafe.  Wait, I didn’t mean Cimmi’s grandma called her Cimmi’s Café–that simply wouldn’t make sense–just Cimmi.  Isn’t that the coolest name?  Here she is:


Cimmi radiates joy and good humor, and the double decker chicken club is maybe the best I’ve ever had.  Be sure to try one next time you’re within a hundred miles.


(The “riders” on the sign refer to motorcycle enthusiasts.)


Cimmi is a biker!

[My “biking” experience is sad.  It took me FOREVER to learn to ride my bicycle as a kid.  I’ll never forget the first day my dad took the training wheels off.  I ran directly into my little brother Harold, knocked him down in the driveway and somehow managed to run both wheels over his belly before crashing into the gravel and crying for two hours.]


Ordering the sandwich:





Cimmi left the corporate business world in Nashville as an executive not long ago, moved back to the Helen area where she grew up and where many of her family members reside.  She opened up Cimmi’s Café about three months ago.  May she find GREAT SUCCESS!  So if you’re going to Helen, or know someone who is, be sure to try out Cimmi’s place. Be sure to “like” her cafe on facebook.

I’ll be back.



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