Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy


One of the Joys of living in Historic District Savannah has to be Forsyth Park (Savannah’s little local version of NYC’s Central Park).  And our incredible lineup of fall festivals and celebrations just make me want to jump  for joy all season long.

Last night, I attended Savannah’s Picnic in the Park, with a lineup of incredible music provided by the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra!  I am SO fortunate to live in a city that was founded eons ago on the twin pillars of Art and Commerce.

Here’s my car packing and wagon-ing:


(Isn’t my Coexist bumper sticker cool?  I’m not 100% sure what it means, but I figure it increases my Hipness Factor by a few points.)



Inside my cooler and picnic basket, I had basil lemonade, sandwiches, fruit, vegetable chips and humus, cookies, candles, the current issue of Oprah and a red fake bird.


Folks on the stage said there were between 15 and 20,000 folks in attendance.  Idk.  I didn’t count.

Here I am with Chewy (the mascot of Parker’s Convenience Stores–primary sponsor of the picnic).


And if you were so inclined, you could register your “picnic-ing” in a contest.  Here are a few of the entries:







Then it got dark, and I lit (lighted?) my candles and listened to soul-freeing arias and music.



Shared fruit fun with new friends Donnie and Kinsey:


What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening and night.  Thank you, Gorgeous Savannah.





Comments on: "Picnic in the Park–Savannah Style" (6)

  1. Melanie Simon said:


  2. Hey Melanie. Yes, it really was a treat. Hope all is well with you. I LOVED your beauty post!

  3. It was a great evening! Sorry to have missed seeing you at Oklahoma at Asbury AND Picnic in the Park. Both wonderful events on Sunday!

  4. nikki davis said:

    It makes me feel so much better about my grammar skills when you question whether it is lit or lighted.
    I love your posts! You keep me inspired. Come see me again at September Oaks. I am there full time.
    We are hosting A “Novel” Wine Tasting and Literary Event this Saturday from 11 to 6 at the vineyard. Lots of local authors showing off their stuff.

    • Nikki! Hello you! So good to hear from you again. September Oaks is just SO special. And even though I’m an English professor, from time to time I just forget all the rules. We will try to come on Saturday–it sounds great. Do we need to register?

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