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As Faithful Blog Followers know, I have a running series of mostly successful Staring Contests (One, Two, Three, Four).

This past weekend I ventured to Atlanta.  While there, in Midtown minding my own business, I happened upon a rather Rude Gargoyle who challenged me to a contest.  Trying to be a nice but firm Southern Gentleman, I replied, “No thanks, G.  Maybe another time.”  But he wouldn’t take no for an answer, so, the gauntlet placed, I stepped up to the creature, blinked several times and went to work.





Guess who won?

Let me just say this:  the winner ain’t made of concrete.



Comments on: "Latest Staring Contest — #5" (8)

  1. You rocked all of those stare downs!

  2. Statues scare me. All I can think of is weeping angels from Doctor Who.

  3. Melanie Simon said:

    The last face is distinctly Gabriel!

  4. Hi Neal, I am amazed at your creative spirit. You are so extremely creative! Hope to connect with you in Savannah before the year is out.

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