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Since so many of you (three) seemed to be in agreement with me about the importance of vegetables, I’ve decided to share with you a quick and easy fresh corn recipe … from my kitchen to yours!

Good and Gooey Corn Fritters 

Take your pretty colored corn niblets and toss them rather recklessly into a small saucepan.  Do not add water or vodka.  Just like this:


Over low heat, allow kernels to get gooey.  (Did you know corn does that?!)  If you have a gas stove, the dramatic effect is so much hipper.

When the kernels begin to resemble the Kardashians’ brains, remove from heat.  If, with boorish gluttony, you stuck your finger in the steaming mess while it was boiling hot (been there), pour some vanilla flavoring on that finger and then hold a large ice cube on the finger while you do the best you can to continue with my easy instructions.

Let corn cool for a few minutes till it’s about the temperature of a puppy’s belly, while you go and listen to an oldie, something like “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane.”

When your tears have dried, from the song and the burning pain, which only gets worse when you let go of the ice cube, find a plastic spatula.  NOT METAL!  And begin to jab around the edges of the pan, in a predominantly unsuccessful attempt to loosen the fritter.  (The reason I told you not to use a metal spatula is simple and kindly helpful:  If you try to unlock the fritter with metal and then put the metal kitchen utensil in your mouth for a quick pre-taste–like you did with your finger earlier–boy! are you in for more pain.  Like fifty shades of pain.)

Anyway, if you succeed in getting the fritter out of the pain, then GREAT!  You’ve got a tasty vegetable treat to share with family and friends.  Or to eat by yourself in the closet.

NealEnJoy it!

Next time:

Real Corny Cornbread


Shiny Corn Pudding


Remember … eat your vegetables!


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