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So last night good friends Donnie and Kinzie (Donnie is at SCAD–the Savannah College of Art and Design–studying film, and Kinzie is a talented photographer) texted me from their holiday soiree in hometown Urbana, Illinois:


Donnie in pic below:



My response:


(Maybe I shouldn’t have included that part of text about crying over Tiny Tim IN A MUPPET MOVIE.  It’s a little embarrassing, mainly because it’s true.  Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have confessed that part about truth.  Oh well, water under the bridge now.)

The next interchange between Kinzie and me:


You see, I live in Savannah, GA.  That’s right, the deep South, and we ain’t never hearda snow.  But, if you can believe Donnie and Kinzie, it’s this white, frozen stuff that falls out of the sky.  Ha!  Right!  Like I’m falling for that.  And it seems you can make “snow men” out of it.  Ha!  Right!  The only snow man I can make is outta socks:


So, professor that I am, I decided to do some serious research about Donnie’s and Kinzie’s “snow.”  Of course I headed straight to UrbanDictionary.com.  And, looky here, Donnie and Kinzie.  Here’s what snow means:


1. Snow — Something that is radical, cool, or otherwise awesome. Something that is snow is generally the sh_t, being top score, bitchin, etc. The word is derived from the fact that snow is generally off the hook in its beauty, power, and pimpery.

“Duuuuude I just saw Predator and it was sooooo snow.”

9. Snow — It is the process of adding lots of small hole-punched papers into a nuggeted back pack.

“Who snowed my back pack?”

10. Snow — Mislead, especially by overwhelming with (mis)information.  Deceive.  Hoodwink  Bamboozle.

“The teacher was snowed by the seemingly endless barrage of students’ questions and failed to realize what was really occurring in the classroom.”

25. Snow — Snow is a racist term used to describe white people in general, mainly because their skin tone is white as snow.

“Damn, look at that snow whitey, he’s white as snow.”

32. Snow — To shed excess amounts of dandruff on another person.

 “Mary was disgusted when John came over and snowed on her shoulder.”

I could go on and on.  There are over fifty definitions.  But “frozen white stuff that falls from the sky?”  Donnie??  Kinzie??  Really??  But you’re young and all.  I can forgive you.  (But how did you doctor up those pictures?)
Love you anyway!
Kinzie, Donnie, Me and Robert a while back enjoying a rather warm Georgia fall.  (Where there is no “snow.”)

Comments on: "My Saturday Evening Post — Snow? Nope. Snow Way!" (11)

  1. No snow? You don’t know what you’re missing. The great run to the grocery store to stock up on provisions when a snow storm is on it’s way is a major social event in the Midwest.

  2. I love snow. If only, I could get it to stay off the roads. I HATE winter driving, but am working on getting more confident with it. I just saw a sun dog and was so excited about it.

    • Actually I grew up north of Atlanta, and we got a cppl snows each winter. It really is beautiful. But WHAT IS A SUN DOG?!

      Sent from Neal’s iPhone4


      • From Jonathan Moore via LinkedIn:

        Great stuff, Neal. Man, I wish it would snow, too. Went up to Elijay – it’s in the foothills of some mountain range, the Appalachians or something, who knows? – and I wore shorts. Shorts! What we should do is get together and buy one of those snow machines – if they aren’t truly tall tales meant to only excite folks like us – and have a snow party on river street!

      • It is when there are partial rainbows on both sides of the sun when the sun is low and there are ice crystals. I had to look it up myself and I grew up in the north.

      • Oh! Very cool. (I’m glad you looked it up. Thanks.)

        Sent from Neal’s iPhone4


  3. Hiya, Jonathan. Great idea about the snow machine! You think they sell them at Walmart? I’ll check. And ha!ha! bout the shorts in the whatever mtns.

  4. I love my friends Donnie and Kinzie! I haven’t always lived in Savannah, so I know snow. Try blizzards in Baltimore or having the snow blown lake effect off Lake Michigan on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. Never mind living in El Paso, Colorado when we had a blizzard on the last day of school in June. To top all that, stationed in the Army at both Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska. So yeah Georgia bring the snow! Bring… it…. on!

    • Snow in June? Hmmm. Don’t want that. And Alaska, gosh.

      Sent from Neal’s iPhone4


      • I’m terrified of the idea of snow in Georgia where they don’t know how to drive in it. At least here, we have snowploughs out within the hour of the first snowflake falling, and people have ABS on their cars! 😉

        Thanks for the shout out! We miss you guys!

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