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This is the FIRST FIVE FRIDAY HAPPY BRINGERS POST of 2014.  AND NealEnJoy is at Post #600! 


For the tens of you who have been following my tiny blog ever so faithfully, I bow deeply, avert my eyes, and humbly say …


So I thought that maybe I should try to come up with something Deep and Intellectual for this milestone–you know, to reflect my true self, all college-professory and such.

But then the wildest thing happened in my family, and I simply HAD to tell you all.  So to start off this week’s (and year’s) list:

1.  As you may have read, Grandsons Daniel and Gabriel received a mini-lab-doodle (or something like that) for Christmas.




… which (whom?) I quickly decided loved me BEST.  And rightfully so.  I deserve to be loved.

Anyhoo, I kept Spyro (I know–weird name, but then again some of you are named Gunther) for a few days last week while grandsons and parents played in South Florida.  All well, right?

I thought so.  Spyro and I had a blast.

Or so it seemed.

But not so fast.  It seems that young Spyro (four months young) has some weird eating habits (well, actually, as far as that goes, so do the Kardashians).


How did that happen?  Who knows?  Daughter Amy (mom of Daniel and Gabriel) certainly knows zilch about needles and sewing.

You don’t believe me?  Alright  Here’s Spyro’s x-ray:


Closer … see the needle?


My poor baby is recovering fine, but goodness (!) a needle.


The little fellow was MUCH better this morning when I drove over to check on him.


So you may be asking, “Why is this quirkily bad news included in the Happy Bringers?  It’s anything but.

Well here you go:  At least you and I don’t have needles in our guts.  Be grateful!

(P.S.  The vet also found a couple of acorns and a Power Ranger figure foot.  Which, by the way, grandsons Daniel and Gabriel INSIST was an Iron Man hand, not a PR foot.)

2.  A Spanking Brand New Year!


Let’s run joyfully into it!

3.  My new bow tie.



(I wore it to the most amazing progressive dinner in Savannah’s historic district on New Year’s Eve.)

4.  Soap.


5.  Little surprising joys.

I kept Grandtwins Madison and Matthew for a couple of hours this afternoon.  When I got there, they were both sleeping soundly.  Tiny angels.  Then Matthew woke up, and we played for about an hour (mostly him throwing pieces of popcorn under the couch and screaming till I got them back out).  After putting the last linty kernel in his mouth (oh, stop it!  it’s good for their immune systems), he ran into the nursery.  I followed him, after eating the rest of the popcorn, and found this:



“Wake up, sissy!  It’s time to play!”


It’s the First Weekend of the New Year.  Look for Joy!


Comments on: "Five Friday Happy Bringers: Post # 600: At Least You Ain’t Got a Threaded Needle in Your Gut!" (1)

  1. He is a mini golden doodle! And it was a rusty needle so thinking may have found outside. There sure would not be any sewing needles in my house! 🙂

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