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As some of you know, I’ve been having this “issue” with snow.  It all started with a post (read it here) I did about good friends Donnie and Kinzie, who went up north for Christmas and sent these pictures of a substance they called SNOW (which all Savannahians know doesn’t really exist except in Christmas cartoon movies).



(Read the follow-up post here.  It’s #3 of the Five Things.)

Well, I have a HUGE APOLOGY to make to Donnie and Kinzie and Yankees everywhere.

I’m SO sorry.  There IS snow.  Here.  In Savannah!  I was walking past the Civic Center today and saw this:



A big ole mound of SNOW.  I got so excited I ran right up on top of the mound.





Snow!  You were right, Donnie and Kinzie!

But why on earth does it just snow in one spot?!


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