Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy


I love February, even though it’s just SO hard to spell. But once I got the word spelled correctly, after four or five attempts, I was all set to be happy. So here goes. Five reasons.

1.  Coming to terms with having a pirate as a grandson



2.  Thursday morning, walking a couple of blocks down to Huey’s on the river, and having Savannah beignets (SO much better than Nawlins’) and coffee ALL BY MYSELF.


Oh my goodness, so good!  (And don’t make fun of my journal.)  (Girls have diaries.)


3.  Going on the coolest technological tour of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), where I’m an adjunct.







4.  Having a new lamplight installed next to my front door (okay, maybe my only door).


5.  Making the most delicious, nutritious soup from fresh baby portabellas, vegetable stock, onion and garlic



Have a yummy Feb (it’s easier than spelling it) weekend!


Comments on: "Five Friday Happy Bringers — 2/7/14" (2)

  1. Fun list. I want to try a Beignet sometime. Your grandson might like the book Pirates Don’t Change Diapers. It’s a cute book especially if he has a little sibling or cousin.

  2. I’m going to find that book. Thanks!

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