Five Friday Happy Bringers — 2/14/14

Happiest of Valentine’s Days!


(Don’t ask.)

1.  I finally got my new passport in the mail (for trip next month).


2.  Little smiles.



(Grandsons Daniel and Matthew)

3.  The warmth of sunshine on a cold day.

4.  Color and art:


5.  The ability to breathe deeply. 
(Try it right now.)


Have a Loving Valentine’s Weekend!

4 thoughts on “Five Friday Happy Bringers — 2/14/14

  1. Neal, that’s a beautiful picture of you in front of the giant work of art. That’s for sharing your ‘5 things’ this morning – made me smile. Very cute grandkids too. You look very vibrant to be a grandpa (not sure if that came out right). Where will you be traveling next month?

    1. Thanks so much, Jason. Grandparenting is the best. Just hand ’em back when they scream! So much fun. I’m going on a cruise through the Western Carribean. Thanks for commenting.

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