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I know it’s close to midnight, but I hope you have had a blessed Good Friday.


Tonight, I attended the most movingly beautiful service at my church, Asbury Memorial United Methodist, here in Savannah — Good Friday Tenebrae.



According to the service program, “Tenebrae is a Latin word which means shadows and has been applied to this service because the sequence of order is accompanied by ever deepening shadows.  The lights and candles are dimmed until the main light is the Christ Candle.  The gradual extinguishing of the light is symbolic of the flight of the disciples and the resentment of the world leading to the final isolation of Jesus on the cross.  At the end of the service, the Christ Candle is extinguished, and the tolling of the 33 bells (one for each year of Christ’s life) is begun.  The Christ candle is taken out of the sanctuary, only to return lit Easter morning.”




Easter is on its way!


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