Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

Oh gosh!  We folks are HOT in the Savannah of the GA (and not just in our looks).


114?  Seriously?  Thermometers go that high?

Well, it’s Friday, and I  am Warmly Happy.  Here are a few reasons why.

1.  Attending last night’s On Stage at the Lucas Cabaret at the Lucas Theatre a few blocks from my place here in historic district Savannah.  The featured performers were good buddy Roger Moss and Kim Polote, both incredibly talented.


Here I am walking to the theatre with Edward (beige hat) and Robert (brown hat), who is taking the selfie.  (I hate it on that extremely rare occasion when the people I am with are dressed more hiply–is that a word?–than I.  And please do not judge me too harshly for wearing shorts.  It had only cooled down to about 94.)



Look what I saw:




(I can’t quite decide if that’s cute or disgusting.)

Inside the darkened Lucas:


Interestingly enough at these cabarets, the audience (limited to 125) sit on the stage looking out on the empty theatre.  The performers face you with their backs to the theatre seating.  Wait, am I  making a lick of sense?  No?  Okay, here’s a pic of a recent performance:


And a bit from the Lucas website:  “Ever wondered what it would be like to be on the Lucas stage? We figured you may have. Well back in the spring of 2013, the staff of the Lucas came up with an idea. A simply wonderful, marvelous idea. Why not have a cabaret on stage? The audience would literally sit on stage, in a lounge type atmosphere, with the singers performing against the beautifully restored 1921 Lucas as the backdrop. It’s fun and entertaining. Amazing musicians and singers from around Savannah take the stage. There is such a wide variety of talent, which provides a totally different experience for each show.”







Here I am with Roger.  Alright, maybe I forced that selfie.


And here I am at intermission with friend Edward and pianist Eric Jones:


A Great Evening.  Such beautiful music!

2.  Fresh vegetable soup.  (I know that piping hot soup doesn’t exactly go with 110 degree temps.  But SO good!  Nothing better than summer okra and tomatoes.)


3.  Appreciating our local police. 



4.  Grandson Daniel on sale at Pet Smart.


5.  The beach so close to me.  (How can people live in Iowa?)


Stay cool this weekend!  (Of course, I know you already are.)




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