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Monday Morning — View from the World


Today I am introducing a new category to my blog, “Monday Morning — View from the World.”  The idea is to pause for a moment–and realize that other nations in our world are doing some things right, maybe even better that we in the U.S. are (which irks me to admit but encourages me nonetheless).

Mt blog thesis, of course, is that we can be happy (or at least “happier”) if we put forth effort to do so.  And it seems that Denmark, for a wide variety of reasons, is doing just that–making strides to ensure that its people are moving toward happiness.  Dr. Sanjya Gupta and CNN recently went on a trek to analyze why the Danes as so joyous.  If you have a moment, take a look at the video link below and see what you think.



What DO you think?  Could we learn from the Danes?  Or not?


Sunday Morning Quote (9/28/14)

“There’s always room for improvement; it’s the biggest room in the house.” 

— Louise Heath Leber 


Five Friday Happy Bringers — 9/26/14


Five reasons I’m a Smiling Fellow this Friday:

1.  Getting a new horse to ride to work.





2.  Believing (but not always adhering to) the truthfulness and significance of this affirmation:


“It is not my work to control others.”

(It would really be SO VERY MUCH EASIER for all concerned–especially me–if it WERE my work to control others.)

3.  Homemade carrot-ginger soup.



4.  The cooler weather we’re FINALLY having in Savannah.


Of course, I realize my use of the word “cooler” is relative.


5.  Always, always moving forward.




Have a cool weekend ahead.


Happy Fall, Y’all!


September 22:  Autumn‘s finally here (at least on the calendar, if not in the temperature).  I LOVE Fall–the colors, the smells, even the tinge of melancholy at summer’s demise.



(Pics from a house around the corner from me.)

Sunday Morning Quote (9/21/14)

“The measure of my success is my joy.”

— Jerry and Esther Hicks


Sometimes I Get What I Deserve


So today I ate lunch at Savannah’s hip Green Truck Neighborhood Pub on Habersham Street near Victory.

Here’s how the story went down.

As some of you know, I no longer bring meat into the house–it’s all vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds there.  But I occasionally indulge while eating out.  And for some some reason, today I had an all-too-powerful-to-ignore-or-resist hankering for a hunk of grilled meat.  So I pulled up to the Green Truck, bellied up to the bar to avoid the table wait and ordered the  Green Truck Classic Burger, described in their menu as “plain and simple as an old truck: lettuce, tomato, onion and our soon-to-be-famous house-made pickle.”  (I added cheddar.)


Yum.  No, double yum!

I kept furtively looking around to see if any of my vegetarian friends might have followed me inside.  I was nervously poised to slam my meaty plate in front of one of the folks on either side of me at the bar.

Anyhoo, I savored every moment, every bite.  (Do Not Tell Anyone About This!  It’s Just Between You And Me.)

Well, when I finished, (and be forewarned, the rest of the story is probably TMI, so stop right now, if you like, and you will still have my burger story), I went to the non-gender-specific bathroom–I’m so 2014– before waddling back to the car.

There was the coolest retro sink inside.


And the typical cabinet.


But for some reason I glanced at the cabinet again …


… and thought, “I wonder what’s in that little cabinet?  And if the contents are also non-gender-specific?”

(P.S. When inviting me to birthday or Avon parties, put some of those plastic child resistant lock things on your cabinets.  I’ve never been able to figure them out.)

So, of course I reached up and opened the cabinet door.  Wouldn’t you?  No?!  (I also opened a door in a huge hallway in the Biltmore House in Asheville some years back, and a piercing alarm went off, terribly embarrassing my family and friends.  Me?  When things like that happen, I just try to go to my Happy Place inside and block out externals.  There might have been an “Alarm Will Sound” notice on the door, I can’t remember, but really, how often would the Biltmores have changed the batteries?)

Lo and behold, an alarm of sorts also went off when I opened the cabinet door inside the Green Truck’s non-gender-specific bathroom.  Here’s what was scrawled on the inside of the door:


I walked out of the bathroom beet red.

(P.S. II:  I was so taken aback by the message that I completely forgot to see what was inside the cabinet.  If someone wouldn’t mind, would you rush over to the Green Truck, pretend to have to use the bathroom, and snap a pic or two of the inside of that cabinet so I can go to sleep tonight?  Thank you.)

Five Friday Happy Bringers — 9/19/14


You know, if you really think about it, we have So Much to be thankful for.  (Btw, even though I’m an English prof, I’ve decided it’s okay to end a sentence with a preposition.)

Here’s my short list this week:

1.  Hosting a small gathering to celebrate my parents’ 70th (yes, 70th!) wedding anniversary.


Harold Hulon (Tub) Saye and Geneva Mae Reavis were married on September 12, 1944.




Cousin Jennie (below) helped me host the party at my parents’ little house (which, by the way, my father built himself).














2.  Sleep.


(Grandson Gabriel)

3.  Celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day today, Sept. 19.




4.  Starting a new term at SCAD this week with fifty wonderful students from all over the world.

5.  Hearing this quote today at SCAD’s fall quarter Faculty Conference:  “Don’t just Talk about it–Be about it.”


Be Happy This Last Weekend of Summer 2014!

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