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That Bass



So this afternoon I picked up grandsons Daniel (7) and Gabriel (4) at school, as I usually do on Mondays and Wednesdays.  They are loads of energetic, joyful fun (well, except when they are trying to reach across their booster seats and hit each other in the face, and I have to threaten to call the cops).  Today, after Daniel went on and on and on about how he could most definitely beat any fifty boys in his school in a footrace, Gabriel finally loudly interrupted him and asked me, “Abu, could you please put on some rock music?”

Since I just had Susan Boyle handy, I had to turn on the radio (did you KNOW that cars still have radios?!), and found “Eye of the Tiger,” the lyrics of which both boys immediately starting perfectly belting out: “I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar!”

“Aww, so cute,” I thought.  “So positive, so uplifting.”

The next song that blasted in my little Scion I had heard only once before, back in October, at a quirky little place on Bourbon Street in New Orleans called Café Lafitte in Exile: “All About That Bass.”

As soon as the tune started, both boys started yelling, “It’s all about that bass, bout that bass, NO TROUBLE!  Yes, it’s all about that bass, bout that bass, NO TROUBLE.”  (I found out later that the actual word there is “treble.”)

In case, you haven’t heard it, here’s Meghan Trainor singing her hit.

(It’s sorta PG 13ish, so be forewarned.)

(Note to self: remind the boys’ parents how old the boys are.)


What a difficult-to-get-out-of-your-head tune!

And before I realized that Meghan had used a couple of less-than-four-year-oldish-appropriate words, we were in the boys’ driveway, stopped, listening to the final minute of the song, while mom stood at the front door awaiting a kiss from her boys.

When I got back to my place, I COULD NOT get the song out of my head.  So I YouTubed it.  (Can you use YouTube as a verb?)

BIG MISTAKE.  There are upteen versions and parodies of “All About That Bass.”

Here’s my favorite:  “I Just Need Some Space” by a mom, singing about the travails of motherhood.


And here’s a Guy Version:


And, look, here’s a version with Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Meghan:




Okay, I have to stop this.  It’s getting ridiculous.  It ain’t ALL about the bass.







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