Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

What an Incredibly Beautiful Morning here by the sea on Amelia Island (Florida’s northernmost beach).  It’s sunny, with a bit of wind, and a crisp 59 degrees.  The Atlantic, outside my window, keeps stealing my attention with its choppy dance.  Weather joy.  I’m working on the blog a bit before heading to my favorite island breakfastery (can that be a word?), Bright Mornings in historic district Fernandina Beach.

And here’s what else is happy-causing for me:

1.  Attending last night’s Susan Boyle concert in Jacksonville’s Times-Union Center.  Oh my goodness, that lady can belt out a tune!



(WHY do some folks chortle loudly when I tell them what concert I was attending?!)

2.  By far the best chicken soup I’ve ever had in my short life at Joe’s Homemade in Savannah on Tuesday for lunch (that’s a lot of prepositional phrases in a row there).


3.  Having Harry Potter and Spiderman as grandsons.


(Along with their ninja friend Yuki.)


4.  Riding the spectacular SkyView Ferris Wheel in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park last weekend.



The views (even on a rainy evening) really were amazing.


5.  Voting … because … we can.


I hope you elect to have a glorious weekend ahead!


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