Exploring and Encouraging a Healthy Life Marked with Joy

1.  My Savannah College of Art and Design student, Isabella Mendez from Venezuela, winning SCAD’s ESL Student of the Quarter Award yesterday.  I’m SO proud of her for all her hard work and success in our English as a Second Language program.  Can you IMAGINE going to another country and taking college classes in that new country’s language?!  Goodness.




I would love to take credit, but I can’t.  Isabella’s brilliant.

2.  Trying to figure out what part of “Okay, boys, let Abu take a NORMAL picture of you” that grandsons Daniel and Gabriel simply do not understand.




I mean, seriously.

3.  Being thankful at the Y.  (A bulletin board at my local YMCA where I work out.)



Here’s what I added:


And I’m SO serious.  Thankful, appreciative, grateful people are THE BEST.  They “get it”: that life blossoms for folks who recognize the good in their lives.

4.  The simple beauty of fall.


(Sidewalk near me in historic district Savannah.)

5.  Today being the last day of Fall Quarter at SCAD.  I’m about to be free for a while!  (Although I LOVED my classes this term.  Such a creative, fun, joyous group of art students.)

Let’s be Pre-Thankful on this Pre-Thanksgiving weekend!


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