Saturday Sayings



I LOVE these “healthy” affirmations from the Good News Network.

**  Preparing fresh, healthy meals instead of processed food is an act of love toward myself and those I cook for.


**  I breathe deeply and fully. I take in the breath of life, and I am nourished.

**  Clean, pure water is a precious gift, and I drink it abundantly and gratefully. 


**  I enjoy foods that are best for my body. When I eat my greens, I feel energized and abundant. 


**  I get plenty of sleep every night. My body appreciates how I take care of it. 

**  Finding new ways to eat healthfully is empowering and puts me in control. 

**  I pay attention to where my food comes from and think about the resources that go into each meal. I am mindful of how much the earth gives to me and how much I can give back.



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