Posted in The Liars Club: Donald Trump’s Assault on Truth and Democracy

The Liars Club: Foxy Liars

A blog category briefly showcasing the “my-goal-is-to-destroy-democracy” lies of the president of the Liars Club, Donald Trump and his blind and groveling cronies.

Fox News, terrified of the truth of democracy, is lying as usual …

Liar. Liar. Liar.

The Jan. 6 committee is painstakingly, truthfully, courageously documenting the Fat Liar‘s attempt to overturn our democracy in America.

May his and his cohorts’ horrendous, anti-Anerican voices be silenced.

9 thoughts on “The Liars Club: Foxy Liars

    1. I’m sorry Matt but if we live in a country that on the daily has been trying to take away my rights (to vote, to marry, to be an vital contributer in the country) I’m proud my husband is taking a stand for us/me when others simply remain silent. I found out that many WP bloggers are willing to seek/speak the truth on their platform. Yes, we also love art, humor and photos too!

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      1. No, nothing against Neal Robert, just too much political stuff tends to trigger my anxiety. I left Facebook because specifically for that reason. Nothing but 🤍 and respect for anyone to voice an opinion, was just stating my own opinion.

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