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Republican Hypocrisy

Yet another example of the dangerous, powerful voices that are destroying our democracy in the United States …

Rep. Glenn Thompson from Pennsylvania

Read the article from NBC News here:

5 thoughts on “Republican Hypocrisy

  1. Do you think he’ll attend the court hearing where his son’s marriage will be dissolved? Letterman used to have the “Top 10 things…” With this Republican crowd of “lawmakers,” you’d need the “Top 1,000 (or more) examples of GOP hypocrisy.”

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  2. You may be right Neal but I don’t think it’s only the Republicans destroying out Constitutional Republic. The whole Congress is one big hypocrisy 😉 and if we don’t recognize that we are just playing divisive party politics. That’s how we got here to begin with and I don’t think it’s the way forward.
    Just sayin,..

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