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The Liars Club: Truth Edition—The Cult of Trumpism

A blog category briefly showcasing the “my-goal-is-to-destroy-democracy” lies of the president of the Liars Club, Donald Trump and his blind and groveling cronies.

As you know (surely you know, right?), a delusional Donald Trump continues to push his 2020 anti-democracy, pro-autocracy election lies.

I am so thankful that there are Truth Tellers willing to call him out.

Such as SE Cupp …

It’s a three-minute difficult but truthful video exposition ….

(Give it a few seconds to get through a commercial and download.)

May the dangerous lies grow dimmer and dimmer.

6 thoughts on “The Liars Club: Truth Edition—The Cult of Trumpism

  1. I have just watched Brooks and Capehart on PBS news. I love to hear their opinions on the news of the week. This week they both were excited about the vote in Kansas supporting legal abortion. They went on to say that they feel that Trump may be in difficulty. I certainly hope so. However there were other results that had Trump endorsed candidates doing well. So who knows. But thanks for your post.

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  2. Wow! That is an eye-opener, although not surprising. What is surprising is the fact that so many people still support Trump even those who won’t directly benefit from things if he runs again and gets in. The only good thing now is the unveiling of the liar Alex Jones and I hope some of the gullible people listen to the evidence and see sense. I get my fix from the Rachel Maddow show each evening which I download. It takes my mind off the liars we have in our government also, and the fact that we are off to hell in a handcart and no one in power seems to give a damn.

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